A fire protection system is designed to fit particular circumstances. A well designed system is cost effective, compliance with codes, and provide effective fire protection. Design is not just reading out of the code, but making the fire suppression or fire detection system appropriate for the situation and maintainable in the future.

Carson Associates Inc. provides review of designs to assure code compliance as well as proper system selection and design. We also prepare standard design specifications for fire protection systems.

Sample projects include:

Possum Point Power Station, VA
Design foam fire extinguishing system for unloading pier.

BWI Airport, Baltimore, MD
Design foam systems for fuel storage tanks.

Private Office Building, Leesburg, VA
Design fire alarm system for office building renovation.

Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
Develop standard specifications for fire alarm systems including low rise, high rise, dormitories, and classroom buildings.

Kvaerner Metals, PA
Review fire suppression system design for industrial application.


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